We started as a group of friends with an idea: an idea for a pizzeria with affordable goods, right-down-the-street convenience and the charm and quality of a classic European kitchen. In 2012, we gave the idea a name: Crispelli’s Bakery and Pizzeria. And with it, the community got its first delicious taste of our commitment.

In the years since, we’ve pulled a lot of pizza out of our ovens—a lot of pasta, pastries, breadsticks, rolls, and loaves of bread too. We found ourselves needing as much dough as we could get our floury hands on, and from that need rose our next idea. This would become the foundation for Crispelli’s Bakery, the bakery that not only helps us make more of what we need for our restaurants, but gives people a whole new way to gather around what we do best, the bread.

At Crispelli’s Bakery it all starts with the dough. Handcrafted, individually shaped and naturally leavened every time. Quality and freshness is the base for all our recipes just like at Crispelli’s, only here, what ends up on our racks and in our display cases has a sweeter, more bite-size focus. Whether it’s a pastry, a loaf of bread, a dessert, or a cup of coffee, tasting delicious and carefully considering what makes it so is what makes it from Crispelli’s Bakery.

Bread has always been at the center of the Crispelli’s table. Now with Crispelli’s Bakery, the hub for everything fresh from the oven, it truly is the heart.